Book Branding & Exclusive Campaigns with Photoshoot

Titles have shown more than 10 times their sales growth with validated results of our beta campaigns!

Over and above our regular campaigns, we have connected with well known authors and writers in respective countries to network with Bookstagrammers, Book Clubs, Literary Agents, Book Contest Organisers, Author Interviewers and others. Since, the communities are driven by authors, writers and literary agents themselves who have established themselves in this industry (by going through the entire process of writing, getting published and further on) than any other digital marketers, they are the best ones to know about the target audience, current market demand and target geographies to get the perfect results.

How does this work?

a. We will connect your title with our single point of contact to the above network to read through, assess the traffic, seek recommendations of marketing plans from book store curators and check the response from past activities.

b. A dedicated publicist will run the reports with the known and established authors, Bookstagrammers and literary agents to formulate a marketing and campaign plan followed by its roll out in Social Media with paid campaigns.

c. All the action points mentioned below in the Activities section will follow.

d. We undertake an exclusive photo shoot of your book and place that on Social Media with paid boosts

e. By previous tested campaigns with our authors we are guaranteeing positive results for the sales output.

You may check the results for a month and decide on further continuation of subscription henceforth.


All such campaigns are over and above our regular scheduled promotions for each title

Subscription rates are per month per title

For any queries write to us at

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Red and Green Illustrated Leaf Student N
Red and Green Illustrated Leaf Student N

50 USD

(You may cancel subscription anytime after checking results)

Author's Live Interviews with Oxford Bookstore & Ukiyoto SM

What if you could reach a global community of passionate authors, writers and readers across the world with a live Interview!

What if you get the chance to speak live on a platform with a highly diverse follower and healthy traffic base from across the Globe!

Currently we have a reach of 1mn+ on our Social Media handles - Instagram, Facebook and Twitter an average of around 2mn monthly Page Views on our home page

Oxford Bookstore is one of the high profile bookstores in the World with curated top quality books only. Having an interview LIVE on the Official page of Oxford indeed is a word of honour.

How does this work? (2 Interviews)

a. We will have our expert panel host from the literary industry study and understand your work and then go live with you on the official page of Oxford Bookstore and on our Official Facebook Page on two separate mutually decided dates focussing all about your book, upcoming projects, launches, announcements, inspirations, stories and anything relevant and particular that you would want us to cover

b. Post highly creative artworks both on our and Oxford Bookstore's Social Media handles as a countdown to your live Interview

c. Ensure high traffic and views on your interview video on both the days and events

d. Embed your video post the live session on our IG handle leveraging the intense traffic for strong author branding

e. Place your video on our official Youtube channel with book links as permanent posts to redirect traffic

Please write to for booking Author Interviews

Price: 200USD​

Book Teasers with Video Promos

Sample Videos

Price: 60USD