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Premium Author Copies


Price (21 to 39 Copies)
Price (40 to 99 Copies)
Price (100 Copies & More)
A Non-Lawyer's Guide to Understanding Estafa
May S. Aguilar

a. Shipping Charges Apply for delivery of Author Copies which would be sent across once the exact number of required copies are emailed to us.

b. Order for Author Copies is for a minimum of 21 units. Any number lower than 21 units would be 20% higher

c. Premier Copies can also be pre-printed with the Author's signature on the first page of the copy. Separate ISBN and author's signature will be required to process this and min. order should be 21

d. Author copies are at highly subsidized rates let the author utilize them for Exclusive Giveaways, Competitions, Quizzes, Placement at Local Bookstores with Marked Price or Sell them at Marked Price and gain high Royalty

e. Email us at with the number of copies to get total cost and payment link

Note - All prices are for Paperback Copies. Hardback rates will be additional as intimated to you separately via email.

To get the price in your regional currency please send us an email with the title details for us to get back with the total of copy and shipping rates

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