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And It Goes Like This


Now what can I say…I tried once before but no tear came my way…so thought I would just try again…not that I want to see you cry but want you to know the reason why…why for all of this…before I go and I will probably go at some point …I always do…just want you to know…I say a lot of things…to you maybe a lot more than others…but I can honestly say…I meant every single one of them…every word…No need to say what’s true...Quand C’est tu…if you have a million years free...I will explain that to you.

About the Author

L.J. Valente has been writing for the past 24 years after starting during his early days at Vanderbilt University. He has lived in South Florida, Indiana and a 16 year stretch in Turkey. Currently, he lives in Bluffton, SC where he works at Sunshine Nursery and occupies a bar stood at Sunset Pizzeria.

L.J. Valente

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