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Beauty Bites

Winner of Ukiyoto Global Blog Awards 2019

Looking to up your makeup game? Searching for the secret to glowing skin? Well, fear not, because this book contains ALL of the answers - sorry for the spoiler. 


With hundreds of handy tips, tricks and recommendations, your thirst for knowledge will be more than quenched as, with each page, you embark on a journey through the fabulous world of beauty. This extensive skincare survival kit and detailed makeup manual (plus some added extras) will give you everything you need to keep yourself looking and feeling gorgeous round the clock.


So what are you waiting for? Those brows aren’t going to slay themselves…

About the Author

Marina is an award-winning British beauty and lifestyle blogger in her late teens. With her passion for blogging, she has achieved over 660,000 views and an active readership with which she shares beauty and lifestyle related posts on a regular basis, occasionally working with brands, organizations and fellow creatives on producing interesting and informative content for the vast blogging community.

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