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The last surviving members of two royal bloodlines have died mysteriously at an annual emirates conference taking place at the Emir’s Palace of Nok. The coincidence surrounding both deaths points to premeditated murders by someone inside the royal circle but the greatest problem is the extinction of both royal bloodlines coupled with the fact that violence was on the verge of erupting due to the long standing feud between the people of both affected emirates. The forum is expected to last for only a day so withholding the information about the deaths from the public was becoming a dilemma to the emirate council. The Nok State Commissioner of Police Sandra Gboko and her Deputy Aminu Safana have only eighteen hours to find the culprit within the walls of the emir’s palace before all hell breaks loose but time is slowly running out and how do you conduct a perfect investigation with so many limitations when all your primary suspects are the untouchables known as E M I R S?

About the Author

Musa Hashim is an Author and Pedagogue. He is a citizen of Nigeria. He is a graduate of Biological Sciences and he is based in Kano. His writing genres are Mysteries and Thrillers. He was shortlisted for the Yasmin EL Rufai Foundation (YELF) writing workshop 2019 facilitated by Pwangulongii Daoud, and Kaduna Books and Arts Festival (KABAFEST) writing workshop 2019 facilitated by Zukiswa Wanner. He was also among the last 20 of the Quramo Writer’s Prize (QWP) 2019.

Musa Hashim

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