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Night of Armageddon Part I

Prequel to The Rise of Danny the Gardener

Mariana grew up during the time of war. She found herself involved in politics and was sent as a spy by the ruling party to get information from the opposition. Things didn’t go well as planned as she fell in love with the General of the opposition party and became pregnant. The only solution was to reach her father for help. The father had to protect her daughter and unborn grandchild from politics by sending her away. The General came to know about this and threatened her father who had to make sure that his daughter and grandchildren lived in peace even after his death. He used deadly missiles that destroyed almost the entire nation. This plan though brought pain. Mariana managed to give birth to baby boy but the boy never knew his father and promised himself to avenge his father’s death and in a way about to kill his own father who was still alive.

About the Author

Daniel Mugaviri was born in Masvingo Zimbabwe and is currently staying in Cape Town South Africa with his family. He studied Theology from different Institutions such as BTCP SA, Global Bible College, Great Commission Bible College - USA and Trinity Graduate School of Theology and Apologetics – India. He is now doing Doctorate of Apologetics (D.Apol) with TGSAT. He is the founder of Charity Organisation called You Are Not Alone Africa. He devoted his life now in helping homeless people with food and clothes, helping orphans and elderly people.

Daniel Mugaviri

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