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Zero of Zero

Sanjay Khan Chowdhury arrives at a small village in India severing all ties with his before-life and self-indulges in the existence of a recluse. His placid life continues thus until he becomes the recipient of a message from the space. What follows thereafter is a drama of alternate hope and disappointment. A freelancer awaits a crackling ‘story’; a self-proclaimed spiritual leader longs for her moment of triumph; knowledgeable scientists oscillate between semi-belief and dismissal of Sanjay’s message as a silly prank of a freak outcast. Set in mid-twenty first century India, this is a relationship tale laced with science fiction.

About the Author

Shrutidhora Mohor is an author with an eye for details of the most intricate kinds. She employs her ‘mind’s eye’ to portray visuals through her pen and wishes to take forward her ability to stimulate the readers into soaking in the ‘visual feel’ and tap the pulse of the characters of her stories. Two of her stories The Saline Moon and The Three Odd Men have been published by Ukiyoto Publishing in their anthologies entitled Stories from India, Zora, Volume 6 (Nov’19) and Christmas Collections I (Dec’19). She is currently working on a novella set in the background of a restive India.

Shrutidhora P Mohor

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