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The Impossible Destination

At the age of 8, Ara was too young to understand that he has inherited a gift from a dying philosopher; which is the ability to control time. Eight years later, he finds out that he has been given a huge responsibility to keep the greatest discovery in the history of mankind a secret. A secret that not only threaten his existence but the lives of those he love. Will Ara sacrifice those he love to stop the world from tearing itself apart or will he sacrifice the whole of humanity to protect the ones he love?

About the Author

Musa Hashim is an Author and Pedagogue. He is a citizen of Nigeria. He is a graduate of Biological Sciences and he is based in Kano. His writing genres are Mysteries and Thrillers. He was shortlisted for the Yasmin EL Rufai Foundation (YELF) writing workshop 2019 facilitated by Pwangulongii Daoud, and Kaduna Books and Arts Festival (KABAFEST) writing workshop 2019 facilitated by Zukiswa Wanner. He was also among the last 20 of the Quramo Writer’s Prize (QWP) 2019.

Musa Hashim

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