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The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Based on a true story

People always look at us and are intimidated by the end result, yet they do not know the process. Looking at that bright, lovely and amazing rose, few tend to be jealous and wish to be like the ROSE, little knowing how it grew. This book presents my real life experience and not something that I watched as they play in some American scripted movies or fictional stories. 

This book reveals unbelievable, sensitive and touching events that actually happened in my life and what I have been through and it is exactly what I had to go through. I do not blame anyone, not even God for that matter. I praise God for giving me such a wonderful story of my life and making me his very own ‘rose’.  This book is for everyone who feels like giving up in life as there is always hope of light after every dark tunnel.

About the Author

The Author is the founder of Inhlansi “The Spark” writing club which combines published authors from different places such as Zimbabwe, Limpopo-Venda, KZN, and Gauteng. She is also an Educator by a profession who has taught in several schools and is a passionate writer by heart.

Sibongamandla Dlomo

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