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Things You Need to Know About Success and Failure

In this generation of complexities and perplexities you have been exerting all your efforts to succeed in an endeavour but keeps failing many times. In the end, you feel hopeless and anxious in your exhaustive struggle as if things have no direction. You need to learn something on how to cope up in your predicament and confusion. Something is lacking in you. Don’t kill yourself from the fatal stress of your aimless struggle. You need some basic information to equip yourself to face the challenges of life. Success may not be possible without failure. From failure, you will learn many things. These things in life are part of your experience to become a survivor and successful. Why not try to discover the keys to these things that will enlighten your mind. The simple keys are written and all you need to do is read, learn and act on it. I tell you this handbook, Things You Need To Know About Success & Failure will teach you what to do as it will inspire and inform you about the tools you need to face the rigours of life and become a better person.

About the Author

Art Saguinsin is writer-author of some basic law and business books for tertiary level and loves to write fiction and non-fiction stories. He worked as Accountant/Auditor in various industries local and abroad. He obtained his Bachelor of Business Technology major in Accounting from the Rizal Technological University from the Philippines in 1982, In 1985, he enrolled in the Master’s program at the Philippine Christian University in Manila, Philippines and finished the program in 2008, also he took up some units in Master in Public Administration but abandoned the course when he decided to study and finish a degree in law at the Philippine Law School, Pasay City, Philippines in 2003. He compiled and wrote some business and legal research manuals for his students in tertiary level that were completed in 2015. Today, he spends part of his time writing fiction and non-fiction stories. Likewise, he builds regular websites for promoting his comic-book and business activities.

Artemio T. Sanguisin

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