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Together? Forever!

A Destined Love Story

“Destiny has its own way to make each soul meet its soul mate.” 

Tiana met Ashi and Ritik in her eight standard. Soon they developed an unbreakable bond and became each others’ “forevers” but the seed of attraction which was sown in Tiana's heart for Ritik developed into a tree of love.

Is Ritik the one decided for Tiana by destiny? Before she knows the answer her life takes a catastrophic turn putting their "forever friendship" bond at stake. Will she be able to stand this disaster and save her friendship? Will she ever know who her soul mate is?

This touching love story holds the readers till the last page.

About the Author

Anmol Makhija is an eighteen year old student with a keen interest in writing. She is also a very good speaker. She lives in India with her family and has immense hopes and aspirations to touch a million hearts with her work.

Anmol Makhija

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