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Ways to Nourish your Mind and Body

Ways to Nourish Your Mind and Body: Health Tips is a quick guide sharing tips to enhance the mind, body, and soul. Tamikio L. Dooley aims to distribute tips toward individuals which include coping with anxiety, improving diabetes, reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol, losing weight, improving mental cohesion, and more! Learn how to cultivate your mind, body, and soul without dieting and exercising only. With extensive research from the author, allows her to show individuals how to care for and improve their body.

About the Author

Tamikio L. Dooley is an award-winning author and expert editorial consultant for Ukiyoto Publishing. She writes fiction of crime, thriller, mystery, and paranormal. In her spare time, she writes short stories and poetry. The author received an honorable recognition as the best crime indie author September 2016 and won her first crystal trophy awards in crime category thereafter.

Tamikio L. Dooley

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