How this Works?

1. Book Your Celebrity

2. Let us connect to your celebrity for recording a video for you

3. Celebrity sends a video for you

4. Have us share the video with you (Delivery Time: 21 days)

5. Have us add a QR Code inside your book which will link to your Celebrity's video

7. Reach stars from Hollywood, Musicians, Artists, Authors, Sportsmen, Producers and Directors of your choice to have them send you their greetings and comments

Terms and Conditions

1. Titles on Religion, Caste and Erotica are not allowed

2. Titles need to be mandatorily produced by us and should be in English only

3. If a chosen celebrity denies to record a video for your story, you may choose a second option post his rejection

4. Booking needs to be done first to connect your Celebrity

5. Do not expect any marketing, promotions or endorsements to be done by the Celebrity

6. Prices include Celebrity booking rates, Content creation, QR integration and all taxes

7. For any queries or payment in your regional currency send us an email at

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