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The Solstice 2.

    Become An Amazon Bestseller

& win exciting prizes too..

3 day Book Fair for Ukiyoto Authors
Coming Soon in July

Why Solstice 2.0?

The Solstice is an annual 3 day book fair that we organise for our published authors during which we promote their books extensively by running social media campaigns, attractive discounts, book launches, author interviews and more. Our aim by organising this event is to promote our authors and make their work bestsellers on Amazon. 

This event is going to be awesome..

Because this will be a one stop platform for you to promote your book and talk about it on different channels. And you could be a winner too. The 1st prize for most Digital Downloads is 50USD and for most Paperback Purchases, you can win the prize money 100USD! Also, we'll be running a countdown and regular updates on how your book is faring, so that you can change the gears and accelerate your promotions. 

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Stay in focus by giving exclusive Author Interviews and doing book readings. 


Reveal the uniqueness of your book with music and storytelling podcasts

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No fair is complete without sumptuous food. So what if the event is online.

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Chance of winning prize money along with making your book a bestseller is quite exciting!

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