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Ukiyoto Consultants

Welcome to the On Boarding platform of Ukiyoto Consultants!


Please fill up your details in the respective fields so that our recruiting team may assess your candidature. We at Ukiyoto believe in providing quality service to the global author and writer community and hence carry out a detailed selection process for our Consultants.

We welcome each individual to be a part of this growing ecosystem and encourage him or her to be a part of our community in the best possible way.

This is for our information and shall not be shared with anyone unless required and without your information.

Upload Your Profile Photo*

We prefer you to place your most charming professional photo. This shall be used as the primary display photo on your profile page.

Format (+Country Code) (Mobile No.)
This is for our information and shall not be shared with anyone without your intimation.

It is always good to have any short video snippet of yourself or demo of your service for 1 -2 mins. If your answer is Yes, please zip your file and mail to us at We will embed your snippet in your Consultant page and also publicise on our Official Youtube channel.

If your answer is No, we would request you to prepare one whenever you are free and send it to us.

A video snippet always enhances one's profile reach.

Place your profile details in brief which may include*, a. Notable academic qualifications with name of institute b. Notable professional experience c. Achievements in literary or content management sector d. Previous projects handled e. Any other details that you feel your client needs to know and it may help you in getting further clients (Please place properly formatted text in this box with preferable size 12 and font type Times New Roman)

What's on the platter?

Consulting Services Offered,
Mention the rate in dollars (USD) that you would quote for each your services as*, a. Book Reading | $/Page (5x8) etc. b. Editing | $/word .. Additional Offerings such as Course Materials, Online Tests etc. For any other currency, convert to USD for quoting your service price

Terms and Conditions for Ukiyoto Consultants


1. All selected consultants will be issued the consultant contract which they need to sign and accept online. Any addendums or incorporations on an individual basis shall be shared separately as an "Addendum" to the original contract

2. Ukiyoto service charge for hosting, promoting, running online campaigns and pitching to clients in the pool would be 10% of the Quoted price per service (Termed as "Booking Amount") which shall be directly taken from the Clients. Once, a consultant is chosen by the client by paying the Booking Amount, the consultant's details would be shared with the Client for all further communications and service delivery.

3. We may or may not have a short telephonic conversation to help us understand you better depending on a case to case basis or may require few additional supporting documents to consider your candidature.

4. It is expected from the Consultants to stick to their schedule for service delivery and maintain their quality standards as we shall have an online feedback system for our Clients to report and rate the quality of the services opted for.

5. We do not expect any cancellations post booking the service as we continuously strive to deliver the best service to all existing and potential clients.

6. We advise you to provide reasonable and best possible market rates for your offerings in order to attract clients and not sway them away with exorbitant pricing.

7. You are free to offer Combo Pricings to enable you to cross-sell your offerings at the reduced or same rate

8. We encourage you to keep engaged with your clients for getting repeated business and maintain healthy relations with them.

9. Any reported cases of misdemeanour or offence to any client are strongly condemned and shall result in banning from providing any services thereafter.

We welcome you to the Ukiyoto family and hope to build a strong community of authors, writers, content developers and consultants.

If you feel that we have missed out on any of the offering options that should be included, you may write back to us and we shall be happy to have a look for the provision.

The first phase of Consultants post selection shall be released by August and our platform will be open for booking the services thereon.

For any queries or clarifications anytime feel free to write to us at

I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions as mentioned above and state that all the information provided by me are true and to the best of my knowledge. Any false or incorrect information provided shall result in banning me from Ukiyoto network and initiate legal action to be taken if required.

Your content has been submitted and is under review. We shall get back to you shortly on your selection.

One or the other fields may need to be filled correctly.

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