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To facilitate the ease of reaching books and encourage our authors from Africa we have now started printing in Lagos, Nigeria to,

a. Reduce overseas shipping costs and invest more on books than shipping

b. Reduce time for delivery and

c. Penetrate further into regional markets by encouraging authors and writers to have their books placed at their local stores

Exclusive rates are applicable for Authors, Wholesalers and Distributors for orders of more than 50 copies per title.

Write to us at for bulk orders, special rates or in case of any queries.

Click Here to check all the titles

Blockchain Licensing & Rights Purchase

How does this work?

Blockchain Licensing and purchasing the printing rights to your book comprise,

a. A publicly verifiable blockchain time stamping for your license contract giving you full authority to print your copies locally for as many numbers as you wish. In other words you hold the same rights as us to print your copies locally or within Africa
b. You are free to sell your copies and receive the complete sales revenue without remitting anything to us or anyone else
c. Your Marked Price should be standard as we had sent and should not be over priced or exceed. In case you wish to increase or decrease your Marked Price you are free to do so but keep us informed.
d. The timestamp QR Code shall be placed on the back of your Cover making your title marked as Blockchain certified for granting you the right to print your copies and avoid piracy
e. Print ready soft copies of your Cover and Inner files with which you can use for your printing
f. Lifelong license validity till the time your author contract is with us and you are free to use our name for promotional purposes as your titles' publishers

For any queries or to send your books to store distribution kindly email us at

One time lifelong License Grant Fee: 250USD per title

Get Your Copies at Author Special Rates 

Payment Modes

Ba. Paypal

b. Direct Wire Transfer 

c. Use Skrill for Africa

For any queries or to send your books to store distribution kindly email us at

South East Asia HQ:

Ukiyoto Singapore Pte. Ltd.

531A Upper Cross Street #04-95
Hong Lim Complex

Singapore - 051531

Whatsapp - +91 7093622934

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