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Apply for Sueños Excellence Art Awards 2023

Nominations are now open!

Felicitation at Kolkata Literary Carnival 2024 (12th - 14th Jan) with Gala Dinner Cruise & Networking on Day I

The Sueños Excellence Art Awards 2023 recognizes artists and painters and their work on a global platform with options of displaying and promoting their work among a diverse audience and also holding much needed exhibitions at Ukiyoto's retail outlet.

Nominations are now open in the following Categories,

  • Excellence in Acrylic Painting

  • Excellence in Oil Painting

  • Excellence in Water Colour Painting

  • Excellence in Gouache Painting

  • Excellence in Pastel Painting

  • Excellence in Fresco Painting

  • Excellence in Spray Painting

  • Excellence in Ink Wash Painting

  • Excellence in Enamel Painting

  • Excellence in Glass/Pottery Painting

  • Excellence in Charcoal Sketching

  • Excellence in Pencil Sketching

  • Excellence in Pen Sketching

Nominations would be curated on a rolling basis, catering to the limited slots per Category. Selected authors/writers/artists may or may not be called for a telephonic discussion to understand or clarify points.

Award Winners will be felicitated at Kolkata Literary Carnival 2024 to be held in Kolkata between 12th Jan'24 and 14th Jan'24 with invitation to attend the Gala Networking Dinner Cruise on Day I (12th Jan'23).

Those unable to attend in person would be intimated on all deliverables being conducted at the venue on their behalf. Award items would be sent via post to respective addresses after the event.

Ukiyoto Board reserves the right to determine the awardees in its respective category.


  • Nominated art/painting/sketch must have been created between Jan 2010 and Dec 2023.

  • Art/painting/sketch maybe in both digital or physical format

  • Machine generated or auto generated images are not eligible

  • All art/painting/sketch should be original and produced by the artist/painter 

  • The Board will review the submission for compliance with eligibility requirements. Board decisions regarding eligibility are final.

  • One artist can nominate for 1 Category only and multiple nominations are not allowed.


  • Felicitation of Awardees with Trophy & Certificate at Kolkata Literary Carnival (KLC) 2024 with Gala Dinner Cruise on Day I

  • Dedicated Arena for all Awardees on both Day 2 and Day 3 at KLC2024 for display, promotion, sales and signing of artwork

  • Placement of art/painting/sketch in Booker's Lounge for 3 months for display, branding and sales

  • 1 Exhibition option at Booker's Lounge ( anytime in the year for 4 - 5 hrs at a suitable available time

  • 1 Year Sueños Membership (Read details about Sueños)

  • Full page Magazine Coverage on Litteratura with 1 Complimentary print copy (Previous versions underneath) with a mass circulation in both digital and print media for Author Branding and recognition by journalists, newspapers etc. (subject to their selection).

  • Video Podcast on our Social Media handles


Art Nomination Process, Deadline and Membership & Benefits Fee:

  • Each Art Award nomination must include a completed nomination form. Nomination is FREE for for all.

  • Nominations for a single work in multiple categories or separate work by same author in multiple categories are not allowed.

  • Electronic version (Softcopy/Photo of Art/Creation - Upload in Google Drive) is to be provided in the Nomination form in the given tab for viewing the art. Nominees may write to us in case help is required to place the link.

  • Decision making and intimation time to awardees is between 5 and 21 working days post filing the nomination form.

  • Membership & Benefits Fee needs to be paid after selection confirmation only (conveyed via email) within 3 days via online payment gateway, UPI or bank transfer without which the vacant slot would move onto the next in line waiting list.


  • As Rewards and Recognition program is open to all, we deem all nominations to be free from any rights/infringement issues/copyright protection and any occurrence of such may need to be dealt by artists independently

  • All activities are solely conducted by our division, Sueños and not in association or collaboration with any other parties

For any queries, feel free to write to us at

Location of Booker's Lounge: 2nd Floor, 228, Shanti Pally, Block BA, Kasba, Kolkata - 700 107, India, West Bengal (

Glimpses of Kolkata Literary Carnival 2023

Art Gallery at Booker's Lounge