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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the submission requirements?
    You may read our submission guidelines at and upload your manuscript in the Submissions Tab for curation process. Requirements, a. Complete manuscript (between 8k and 120k words) b. Synopsis of the content (around 200-300 words) c. Author Profile (brief on the author’s bio) Attach your manuscript as a single-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font word document.
  • When can I expect an update on my submission?
    Usually, we get back within 15 to 25 days with an update since our editorial team goes through each content to ensure quality standards are met. You can also write to us at if you don't hear back from us within the stipulated time.
  • Do I need to pay anything to get published?
    Since we are a traditional publishing house, authors don't have to pay to get their books published with us.
  • Do you accept compilations or short stories?
    You can submit short stories as an entry for one of our ongoing projects. Know more about the projects here.
  • Is there a submission deadline?
    There is currently no deadline for manuscript submissions. However, if you want to submit your manuscript/short stories as an entry for an ongoing project, there will be a deadline that will be specified in the project’s details. Learn more about the projects here.
  • Are there any guidelines regarding the word count of submissions?
    Suggested word count for novels or academic content is between 8,000 and 1,20,000 while for poetry it is between 5,000 and 80,000.
  • What Genres do you accept?
    We are open to all genres except Religion and Politics.
  • I am not familiar with the words and terminologies used in publishing. Can you explain them to me as a starter?
    Here are few of the definitions and terminologies frequently used in the publishing process flow and also you will come across while publishing with us, a. Genre - Every book has a well defined genre such as Fiction - General, Fiction - Romance, Non Fiction - History, Business and many others. The complete list of Genres maybe found on the official website of Book Industry Study Group (BISG). b. BISAC - Book Industry Study Group (BISG) maintains a number of codes to classify both physical and digital products and assigns them a unique reference code termed as BISAC Code. The complete list and details of the codes maybe obtained from the official website of BISG. c. Keywords - These are the words which are used to increase the book's visibility and enable the customers or readers to easily search books using relevant keywords. For instance, relevant keywords for a book on Romance would be, 'romantic novels', 'romance', 'romantic books', 'love stories'. d. Lamination - This is the type of printing method used for your book's cover. We usually offers two kinds of lamination prints for paperbacks. i. Glossy - This produces deeper and cleaner line colours. The reflective shiny finish grabs attention of the customer and usually repels dust, dirt and fingerprints. This is also usually used as the standard for all paperbacks. ii. Matte - This gives a professional and elegant finish and is more of a modern choice. Usually designers and readers, who focus more on the aesthetics, like the look and feel of this finish. The Matter finish is less reflective than Glossy finish, gives a feel of a velvet texture and looks more natural. e. ISBN - An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number. ISBNs were ten (10) digits in length up to the end of December 2006, but since 1 January 2007 they consist of 13 digits. ISBNs are calculated using a specific mathematical formula and include a check digit to validate the number. Each ISBN consists of 5 elements with each section being separated by spaces or hyphens. f. QR Code - The Quick Response (QR) Code is a type of barcode and a machine readable optical label which contains details of the item to which it is tagged. QR Codes could be used to track sales volumes, website data and other purposes that the user decides. These are read by QR Scanner which is available for free both on Android and iPhone Play Store. g. Spine - This is the part of the book cover which covers the thickness of the book and it falls between the front and back covers. This is applicable to perfect bound and hard bound books only. h. Bleed - This is extra area of the book cover which is placed while designing the cover and is cut off at the time of final print. Bleed is usually an extension of the background colour and does not contain any text or graphics which is supposed to come in the final print. The bleed is placed because the trimming is usually never exact and there could be a slight variation. Hence, if the background of the cover is not extended, it would lead to a slight white portion visible on the edges of the cover.
  • Can you summarize the entire publishing process?
    After we select your manuscript, following are the steps taken to publish your book. a. We send across the link to Author Contract and Author Input Form b. After you digitally sign and fill in both the forms, your files are taken up for further production processes. c. Once, the cover and inner files are ready, we send you a link to your files for review so that you can notify us for any changes or revisions required. This is a one time activity but a very important one as revisions are not possible once a book goes into production and sent across to distributors. d. After incorporating the changes, we will initiate a final confirmation from your end and start the listing process. e. We will intimate you on the royalty of your title and the suggested marked price which you are free to change and let us know for the first time only. f. Once your book is live on online retailers platforms, we will share them with you so that you can announce the availability of your book. g. If you have taken additional services such as social media marketing, conducting book reviews or book launches, the details and timeline of the same will be intimated to you accordingly. h. We will provide you with a link to your Earnings Dashboard which is updated by the 5th of every month. At any point in time, please feel free to write to us or ask any questions you have. Our official email address for all communication is
  • Will Ukiyoto register ISBN for my book?
    Yes will will issue an ISBN for each book. All content copyright belongs to the Author.
  • In which languages do you accept submissions?
    English, European (Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish) or ​Asian (Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Japanese, Arabic, Nepali, Korean, Vietnamese, Malay, Bahasa, Tagalog/Taglish). For any other languages please write to us at
  • Do you accept Children’s stories?
    Yes, we accept them, however, the illustrations (if any) are required to be provided by the author. We however prefer books with Black and White inners to keep the costs low for end consumers.
  • Can I design my own Book Cover?
    Yes, you can design your own book cover.
  • Can I get my book translated in another language?
    Translation is a paid service that is not included in the publishing process. If you are interested, please send us the details of the translation required to with the word count and the language to be translated to, so that we can provide you with a quote. To learn more about other paid services that are generally recommended for authors, please visit this page.
  • How do I receive my payments?
    For those in India, payments are made via Bank Transfer with a threshold of Rs.500. For those in the Philippines, payments are made via Gcash with a threshold of 1,000PHP. For transfers in any other country, payments are made via Paypal with a threshold of 20USD. All eligible payments are made monthly and cleared by the 15th of the month.
  • What are the marketing and distribution activities that you would undertake?
    We have networking/tie-ups with all/most of the major online retailers for distribution and promotion of your book in both e-book as well as paperback format. In addition to the large-scale retailers such as Amazon, Google play, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles, Flipkart, Shopee, Lazada we shall undertake promotion of your book by, a. Sending email blasts to our wide database and subscriber list b. Sharing sample copies to journalists, new agencies, bookstores for their curation and acceptance (Reviews and coverages are based on their selection only) c. Nominating for awards and reward programs (wherever eligible or applicable) e. Nominating for book fairs and festivals across the world f. Pitching to film makers, producers or directors for their acceptance g. Keeping you updated on various events and activities which run throughout the year and are a mix of optional paid and free events h. For placement in stores, the stores/distributors/wholesalers would need to procure the copies from us at wholesale or distributor rates (as applicable) for placements
  • Will you help in arranging for/organising offline book launches?
    Yes, we do have options of conducting offline book launches at select cities only and can help you with that based on availability and logistics. They maybe either paid or no paid depending on the occasion, venue etc. For details, please write to
  • If I conduct a book launch by myself, will you place that on your website and promote?
    Yes, sure. You may let us know the details of your activity and we will create an online registration page on our website for the placement. You may also send us creatives if you have to place on our handles and promote the same.
  • How many copies can I expect to sell?
    We cannot guarantee the sales of copies since that depends on several factors.
  • How many Author copies would you provide?
    We do not provide any separate Author copies but the rates provided to the Author will be substantially lower than the market rate. Authors or wholesalers can place orders for purchasing their copies at subsidized rates and get them shipped to their address.
  • I still have further queries. How do I get in touch?
    Best way to reach us is via email where we are most prompt and you can drop in at for all your queries.
  • I placed an order for a book on Ukiyoto website. How can I track my order?
    You may send us your Order number and date to so that we can get back to you with the status.
  • What are the Returns and Refund Policies?
    All goods and services are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled once order is placed. With the automated existing processes in place, no copies or products can be replaced after they have been printed and shipped. Any shipment attracting duty or customs charges must be borne by the receiving party and paid directly to the shippers. No shipment can be returned or denied acceptance once shipment has reached destination location. Damaged goods need to be reported within 3 days of the receipt for further action.
  • I still have further queries. How do I contact you?
    Best way to contact us is by writing to us at as we are most prompt via email.
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