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Global Blog


Summer/ Winter '19

Season II Call for Entries!



Ukiyoto Global Blog Awards is aimed at identifying and recognising excellent blogs and their authors who can create an impact on the readers' minds.

We are destined towards nurturing talent and creativity and promoting them in the global ecosystem. We promise to produce high-quality content which is original, creative and innovative and recognise those individuals who bring out such quality. Our global cohort of authors, publishers, content developers and technocrats use a parameter defined weighted average methodology to make the right judgement from the submissions. 


We are waiting to read your stuff!

12th May'19 - 21st May'19

10$ per Entry

5$ per Entry

5$ per Entry

1st Nov'19 - 30th Nov'19


1st Dec'19 - 10th Dec'19

5$ per Entry

11th Dec'19 - 15th Dec'19

10$ per Entry


2019 Season I


Marina Lovejoy-Black

Cover_Regaining Innocence_EBook.jpg

Renuka Gharu


Ginny Stone









500$ Cash

Remittance would be done via Paypal (preferable) or Wire Transfer

UGBA Badge

An exclusive Ukiyoto Winner's Badge would be provided to you to be placed on your blog and add value


Conversion of your best blogs into an illustrated book with complete guidance, designing, listing and distribution taken care of (package worth 500$)

Feature Blog

Blog feature on Ukiyoto Official Blog with backlinks to Author's own page

Terms and Conditions for Rewards

1. One (1) grand winner of Ukiyoto Global Blog Awards Summer'19 shall win 500$ Cash prize along with Ukiyoto Winner's Badge, Book Publishing Opportunity and Featured Blog

2. Top six (6) blogs (excluding the grand winner) are entitled to receive,

     a. Ukiyoto Winner's Blog Badge to be placed on their blog page

     b. An exclusive offer to convert their selected best blogs in a particular genre into an illustrated book (with step by step guidance from Ukiyoto Editorial Team) OR provide their original manuscripts (if any) to be processed and converted into a book. All typesetting, pagination, layout, listing, campaigning, marketing and distribution to be taken care of by Ukiyoto and Awardee will be deemed as one of Ukiyoto's published Authors

     c. Feature on Ukiyoto Official Blog page with backlinks, Ukiyoto Blog Award Winner Recognition and quality hrefs to leverage the extensive on flowing traffic

3. The cash prize will be provided without deducting any taxes and awardee may need to declare taxes in his country of residence accordingly

4. Winners will be declared on UGBA main page and Ukiyoto's Official Facebook Page and Group with redirections to their respective blogs

5. If you have crossed the respective deadline of submission, please ensure that you make the proportional payment mentioning your mail-id without which your entry would not be considered. All paid entries will receive an invoice sent to their mail ids.

6. The decision of the Ukiyoto Jury is considered final and there shall be no further reconsideration thereafter

7. All rewards including cash prizes, investment on campaigning, manpower, creative designing, book conversion, promotion and distribution are borne by Ukiyoto Global Funds which are maintained towards development and growth of the community

8. For any queries, please feel free to Contact Us by writing to us at

Results will be declared by 31st Dec'19 !

2019 Season II