We connect your books to more than 40,000 channels both at national as well as international level so as to provide maximum visibility of your paperback copies and hence increase penetration. We not only work towards making your title a bestseller but also create a strong author brand by simultaneous percolation. Our global network covers Independent Bookstores, Libraries, Universities, Chain stores, eBook retailers and online stores.

Our collaboration with channel partners who facilitate the sales at individual locations help us in printing the books regionally (wherever printers are available) and ship them to readers within a short time. This way we are able to reach the worldwide audience without undergoing hassles of signing multiple contracts with local printers, realigning files, paying high set-up and shipping costs or taking longer time for shipment.

How does this work?

Step I

Once your book is published with us, we send out our catalogue of releases to the curators for accepting the titles to be placed in the bookstores. This is the second phase of selection post the first one where we decide to go ahead with publishing your book with us.

Step II

If your book is selected, we get an intimation of the same within 15 -30 days from the date of the title going live and we facilitate further processes of providing the files, issuing separate ISBNs and freezing the listed price. We also intimate the author that his or her book has been selected for store distribution.

Step III

The process is then taken care of, by our channel partners who start displaying your titles to the retail network and stores across the globe at a wholesale price discount of 50 - 55% of the listed price. This takes around 15 - 20 working days' time. For certain national chain of stores, there is a separate set-up cost which we have negotiated to a low rate to facilitate guaranteed book placement and author branding. We intimate the authors in such nations individually to take a call on their bookstore distribution and corresponding branding.

Step IV

Once your book is purchased by the stores for placement on their shelves or for their individual eCommerce distribution, the transaction is recorded as a sale in the accounts which is notified to the channel partner who informs us the details of sales within 15 days from the end of the previous month and we update the records simultaneously in the Author's Earnings Dashboard.

How to place your book with the channel partners even if the curators have not selected the title for placement?

To promote all our published titles and to make sure each copy reaches the stores, we have aligned worked out for shelf spaces and have handpicked bookstores to provide guaranteed placement of the books. 

How to activate bookstore distribution?

Once your book is made live on e-commerce platforms, wait for our intimation to let you know if your title has been selected for bookstore distribution. In case your title is not taken up for distribution by the curators you may activate your own bookstore distribution for the respective title by paying the activation fee of 50USD per title via Paypal "Pay Now" button below. If you wish to pay in any other currency you may write to us at publishing@ukiyoto.com so that we can send you the payment link in your respective currency.

Write to us for any clarifications anytime at publishing@ukiyoto.com


Timelines post activation:

Books are sent to the stores on a monthly basis at the end of each month

The display of the books show up once they are sampled and then placed either at the store or the online portal of the store which takes further one month


    North & South America 

    Leveraging Ingram's network with printing facilities at California, Ohio, Tennesse and Pennsylvania, shipping to any part in North America and Brazil is extremely cost and time efficient.


    U.K., Germany, Poland, Spain

    With book sales crossing an annual average of 7bn$ in Germany, 7mn$ in Poland, 3.3bn GBP in U.K., 3.1mn$ in Italy and a substantial proportion in Spain, our channel network provides the coverage of our book catalogues to all the stores in the mentioned countries.



    With a separate printing facility in Australia, our distribution channels are able to reach more than 40mn people in the country and neighbouring regions.

  • ASIA

    India, China, Russia, South Korea

    With over an average of 125mn English speakers in India and 10mn in China and an average annual sales of around 1.4bn$ in Russia and 300-500mn$ in South Korea, sending our published book catalogue to these countries indeed provides the much needed penetration for books to sell.

List of Bookstores for Distribution

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