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Ideation Box

Submit Your Ideas

Send us your ideas which are feasible and beneficial to the author community. We will curate your ideas to assess its impact, check if it can be implemented within means and post that with its status on the Ideation Box.

As a part of the growing community development programme, we encourage you to send us your most innovative and effective ideas for the combined growth of all authors and writers.

Idea Name
Forbes Press Release
In Process

Initiate a collaborative press release with Forbes India to get into the creme-de-la-creme list and also beat the high price by dividing the total price among those interested in getting featured. Feature for 50USD only instead of 1000USD by sharing space on Forbes. Click Here to Register

Goodreads Reviews
Continuous Process

Initiate Authors to provide their Goodreads links which can be shared with the community for increasing reviews and ratings of individual books. Click Here to add your Goodreads book link.

Region Specific Projects

Conduct region specific projects to identify regional talent and quality scripts.

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