Liquidity Pool

Power Packed Benefits

1. Access tools such as Google Rich Text Messaging

2. WhatsApp Push Notifications with AI interface

3. Social Media posts with FB Messenger Product link check out

4. Email Blasts to target database with increased conversions

5. Leverage our boosted Social Media handles (Instagram & Facebook) to promote your content and enhance reach

Utilize our developed resources for your book promotions, offline events and offers absolutely FREE!

Google Rich Text Messaging, WhatsApp AI Interface & FB Messenger Product Buy Out is in development phase and should be rolled out by mid December 2021 while email and social media channels are accessible now for promotions.

How does this work?

1. Upload your contacts for promotion of your book or related events

2. We will curate the database (to remove incorrect data), create promotional content and circulate within 3 weeks from the date of submission

3. To avoid spam, authors are limited to send max of 2 emails, 2 Rich message blasts (if country is available) and 8 social media promotions per month

4. Submission of erroneous email ids and phone numbers will result in blacklisting and author would not be permitted to use the tools further

5. Rich message (i.e. Message promotion over Text & WhatsApp) is currently limited to India and the Philippines only

6. All phone numbers need to be mandatorily submitted with relevant Country code only (i.e. +91 for India and +63 for the Philippines)

7. For having us post your Social Media content on our handles, select Social Media in the drop down and email us your content (Graphic/Video) to

8. Video files for Social Media must be in .mp4 format and Widescreen mode: 16:9 or 9:16

9. Promotions will follow chronological order from the date of filling in the form. Contact numbers for Google Rich Text & WA AI Interface can be populated while promotions will start on a first come first serve basis once the platform solutions are live.

10. If you are selecting Social Media promotions, email us the Graphic Image or Video. The Upload tab is only for uploading excel sheet for the blasts.


1. Data provided for email or rich text promotion should be thoroughly checked and 'cleaned' before submission

2. Do not directly export contact list from email database since it would result in spam. Only send to genuine network pool to increase sales

3. Social media content needs to be of high quality as decided by the Social Media quality team which would be deemed final for posting on our handles

4. Ukiyoto reserves the right to accept or deny a promotional submission based on the quality of both content as well as data

5. No spam would be encouraged by continuous posting of the same content to the same data

6. Data for email or message blast needs to be provided in the given template in excel format only. Click Here to download template.

For any queries feel free to write to us at

Upload Excel
Content text or promotion objective.