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Who are we?

Ukiyoto is a leading global publishing company which identifies literary talent and creativity and publishes paperbacks, hard cases and ebooks worldwide. Taking a step further, selected stories and books are initiated by us for film-making projects and conversion to audio books. Our uniqueness comes in selecting the potential writers, authors and artists and producing them with a platform to engage with the world and let their stories spread far and wide. Ukiyoto today has reached over a thousand writers and artists and published in more than forty countries across the globe. We aim to produce spellbound creativity blended with continuously evolving powerful technologies.

What is Masterclass all about?

Masterclass is about delivering quality sessions and conducting high impact workshops guided by us to impart your own learnings in the creative domain. The classes or sessions maybe related to writing, editing, proof-reading, designing, illustrating, creating 3d models, public speaking, AV editing, overcoming challenges in story building, publishing, using disruptive innovations and others.

How does this work?

a. You may apply to conduct your masterclass by filling in your details in the fields below

b. Once we have your inputs, we will intimate you about your selection or ask you to send across a sample demo video before proceeding forward

c. Post finalisation, we will provide you with the topic objectives based on your interest for either,

    i. Online live sessions

    ii. Online recorded sessions for course development

    iii. In-person sessions and workshops at onsite venues

1. For sessions at onsite venues within the same city of speaker's residence, we will take care of venue booking and conducting promotional buzz

2. For sessions at onsite venues outside the city of speaker's residence, we will take care of venue booking, transportation, lodging and boarding of the author during the entire period of travel and conducting promotional buzz

3. For sessions at onsite International venues, we will take care of all the above in point 2. except for individual VISA application which needs to be done at least 2 months prior and confirmed with us

Nominated speakers need not be published or associated with us prior to application and all applications shall be considered with equal weightage for the final call.

Terms and Conditions

a. Speakers once confirmed a session or workshop are not expected to cancel the programme at any stage

b. Speakers should not commit anything or take financial remuneration from their audience in the name of the company as such cases shall be liable for penalty action

c. Speakers would be introduced to a co-ordinator as applicable on a case to case basis for his/her onsite session with whom they may interact for all queries or local issues in a cordial manner

d. Speakers would be intimated about their schedule both for online as well as onsite events so that they are well prepared with the expectations of the day

e. Speakers would be intimated prior, for any cancellation from our end either due to unavailability of venue or natural calamity or others 

f. Speaker remunerations (wherever applicable) shall be processed and remitted to Speaker's bank account or via Paypal within 7 working days from the date of completion of the event

g. Feedback of the events wherever taken, shall be shared with the Speakers which they are expected to take up positively and for corrective actions in all future sessions


a. All sessions shall be guided by us according to a pre-defined set of instructions to match quality delivery and bring out positive impact on the audience

b. All sessions are mandatorily video deliverables and would not be provided in audio or any other format

Speaker's Rewards

a. For recorded online sessions, the modules would be compiled in the form of courses (Pendrives, CDs/DVDs as applicable) with relevant credits to speakers and be made available to speakers and their associates at wholesale rates to be sold or distributed at marked price during their own giveaways, sales or other promotions

b. For live online sessions, speakers would be paid a pre-defined fixed amount (based on the focussed geography, target audience etc.) for each such session, 3rd session onwards for paid webinars

c. For onsite sessions, speakers would be paid a pre-defined fixed amount (based on the focussed geography, target audience etc.) for each such session, 3rd session onwards for paid sessions

d. For onsite sessions, speakers are free to distribute or sell their content to the audience on spot as well as their own recorded course modules (in point a.) at marked price pre-purchased by themselves at reduced rates

e. Speakers may gain mileage and visibility for branding themselves as well as their books or other products in all promotional content, advertisements, hoardings, banners, posters as applicable both in print and digital formats during their sessions or workshops

f. Speakers may enjoy grand exposure in conducting workshops and interactive sessions both online as well as at physical locations and gain valuable experience from the same

g. Speakers may utilise the sessions for networking and mentoring opportunities with individuals during the sessions

h. Speakers are free to have an open platform to suggest us ways of improvement and betterment of the classes as they would be the front runners and prime faces of the agenda

Speaker's monetary reward is set from 3rd session onwards for us to have adequate feedback and quality check before engaging them on a regular basis. The pre-defined amount shall be intimated to the speakers at the time of their confirmation for the scheduled session.

NOTE - For any queries feel free to write to us at


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