Nominations for Theatre & Short-Film Production

Early Bird (1st Jan to 15th Jan 2020) - 800 INR

Regular (16th Jan to 31st Jan 2020) - 1000 INR

Laggard (1st Feb to 29th Feb 2020) - 1400 INR

Click Register NOW above to pay Nomination fee and then Submit your details in the tabs below.

Nominations are now open for a short story, poetry or single title script for selection of Theatre & Short-Film production at, 

Diorama International Film Festival (started with the first film exhibition in Paris by Louis Daguerre and Charles Marie Bouton in 1822 followed by one in London in 1823), May 2020


Rules of Submission


a. Register online by getting your tickets

b. Click on Register Now button for payment of Nomination fee and submit your script synopsis, only, within 100 words in the online tabs provided or email us your script synopsis with subject as "Nomination for Theatre & Film Making 2020"

c. Scripts are accepted in all genres except Management, Self Help, Comics and Erotica

d. Scripts can be both in the form of single titles as well as short stories in an anthology. Submit the synopsis only for both cases

e. Both prose and poetry shall be accepted. In the case of poetry, the synopsis can be made in the form of a theme and submitted such as Women Empowerment or Nature or any other as applicable.

f. 1 Ticket is allowed per title nomination. Multiple title nominations would require separate tickets and can be nominated by the same author or promoter.

g. Authors who have already published with us need not send their entire script again and only their synopsis would suffice unless its a new title.

h. New authors who are publishing for the first time with us may submit the synopsis only (at this moment) and the full script later by 29th February 2020 for publication - titles or short stories in anthologies need to be published by us either in past or in future for qualification

i. Recommend to duly check and revise the synopsis before submission for successful consideration

j. The scripts of single titles, short stories or poetry need to be published by us in the form of a book either in the past or in the future for facilitating the process of the script to a screenplay, theatre or film production with the respective theatre production house or film making agency

How would the scripts be nominated and sent for Theatre and Short Films?

a. The first round of curation would be done by our internal team as all entries may not go in line with theatre and film making requirements. You would be notified about your nomination as Accepted or Rejected within 3 days of each ticket deadline over email. Those Rejected will get their registration amount refunded within 7 working days from the date of Rejection.

b. The final list of nominations shall be formulated into a catalogue with the names of the scripts and authors and presented at each of the festivals for individual acceptance by,

    i. International Producers

    ii. Gap Funding Producers
    iii. Co-Production Partners
    iv. Representatives from funding bodies
    v. Film Financiers
    vi. Film Distributors
    vii. Sales Agents
    viii. Film Festival Directors/Programmers
    ix. Experienced Film Directors
    x. Content Buyers
    xi. Film Acquisition Executives
    xii. International Film Commissioners
xiii. Film Equipment Providers

Disclaimer: The above list is taken from Diorama International Film Festival Website

     xiv. Theatre Artists

    xv. Theatre Production House

    xvi. Screenplay agents

The catalogue containing names of final curated scripts shall be circulated at Market Lounges, Workshops and Conferences, Closing Ceremony and Red Carpet for visibility at the Film Festival and Individual theatre artists and producers for screenplay and theatre. Expected total footfall at the all the festivals is around 500 celebrities and known personalities in the literary domain and both National (Bollywood, Tollywood and others) and International (Hollywood and others) along with around 15,000 to 20,000 attendees.

c. The authors or writers whose entries are finally accepted for the screenplay, theatre or film making shall be intimated individually on their selection once we receive intimation from any of the above entities mentioned in point b. (expected within 90 days post completion of all three events)

Optional: Authors may wish to provide paperback copies of their titles to the agents, artists, celebrities, film critics, media and agencies for those titles which are already published. The orders of the same shall need to placed positively by 29th February 2020 for a maximum of 30 books per title. Those paperbacks which are not distributed shall be returned to the Authors at their given address after the festivals are over.

What happens once the script is selected for a short-film?

Once a script is selected, we would connect the theatre and film making agencies directly to the author for taking the project forward, getting further details from the author (if required) and their mutual commercial discussions with respect to advance payment (if any) to the author or writer, royalties per distribution or any other modes as mutually settled. We would not participate in the theatre or film making process once the project starts rolling and all communications shall be directly between the agency and the author or writer.

All processes of producing a film or theatre, hiring required manpower, procuring equipment, conducting promotions and distribution shall be taken care of by the agencies with due credits given to the author or writer.

What do Authors get post all festivals?

All nominees shall,

  • Be provided with the printed catalogue of the final shortlisted names of scripts sent for acceptance in theatre and film making

  • Receive Individual Nomination Card mentioning the name of the script selected for theatre and film making and distribution to producers along with the Author's name

  • Photos of their Paperback Copies provided at the LitFest, Arts Festival and Diorama International Film Festival 2020

  • Be eligible to publish their single title or anthology (for those authors whose work is not published with us or who are submitting script synopsis for a new story or poetry) with us

  • Have their names and script names mentioned on our press release scheduled in May 2020 exclusively for their nominations- links to be sent across once released

Authors and Writers may leverage their nominations on printed cards and catalogues sent out and gain enhanced mileage on the credibility of their stories and themselves by sharing in their own network and media sources stating their selection and nomination for short film production.

Terms and Conditions

  • Nominations can be from anywhere across the world

  • The nominee needs to enter the script details online and pay the registration fee or pay the registration fee directly and then email us their script synopsis to with subject as, "Nomination for International Film Festival 2020"

For any queries feel free to write to us at

NOTE - Only script synopsis (within 100 words) is required now. The complete script (if not published and released by 31st Jan'20) may be sent across by 29th February 2020.

Official Festival Link

Diorama International Film Festival 2020 -

Important Dates (Summary)

A. File Nominations:

Early Bird                                                                               1st Jan to 15th Jan 2020 [ Closed ]

Regular                                                                                   16th Jan to 31st Jan 2020 [ Closed ]

Laggard                                                                                  1st Feb to 29th Feb [ Open ]

B. Optional Order of Paperback Copies              By 29th Feb 2020 [ Email Us with the no. of copies required ]

C. Submission of Complete Script                         By 29th Feb 2020

(only for new stories or authors who

are submitting to us for the first time)

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