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How does this work?

1. All Offers shall be highlighted in the exclusive Book Page with % discount offer and link to purchase copy

2. Offers may be promoted (but not guaranteed) on all social media links depending on the slot availability between ongoing promotion schedule

3. Authors are encouraged to keep spreading the word along with Ukiyoto's general campaigns to maximise the reach of audience targeted for availing the exclusive offer during any given time

Terms and Conditions for Offer Creation


1. Offers need to be created at least five (5) business days in advance from the date of commencement of the offer (for moderation and promotions to be scheduled accordingly) and shall be made public by default

2. For creating Private Offers, write back to us with the discount option opted for and the number of copies to be issued discount for. We will send back to you the Coupon Code with redeemable link for those many number of copies.


2. Royalty payout during sales under Offers will be subsequently varied based on the discount Offer chosen


3. Only one (1) offer maybe conducted at any point of time

4. All Offers would be considered as a discount given on the title USD marked price only

Currently Offers are available only for E-Books. For Paperback Offers in your respective geography please write back to us at

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