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5 Ways to boost your income working from home!

In today’s economic and global situation we all need to earn more. And with more people working at home than ever before, now is a good time to look at boosting your income without leaving your property, either as a side hustle or a full time job. In this article we will cover 5 ways that you can use your skills (or learn new ones) to generate profit from the comfort of your own home. Start a blog Starting up a blog is quite simple, and you can get it hosted either for free or for a small fee every month. Once you have put up your blog, strive to keep it current and relevant, until such time you can monetise it. We explained in ‘Ten Excellent Ways of Monetising a Blog!’ the different strategies you can employ, which include ensuring visually appealing content, participating in affiliate marketing, leveraging AdSense and similar advertisements, offering online courses or consulting, and even asking for donations. The key point to remember is that the content needs to be engaging, relevant, and unique for your site. This will increase the chances of traffic, which in turn will allow you to earn from your blog. If successful a blog is a great way to earn income from home, as it will combine your passions with employment. Start freelancing The gig economy is growing, with some 40% of Canada’s millennials already part of it. The good news about freelancing is that it covers a wide range of professions, which means that even if you lack experience you should be able to apply the skills you learnt at college or university. This is especially true for those who studied media specific courses. Maryville University notes that digital media degrees have become extremely popular nowadays, and they allow graduates to work in a variety of settings ranging from graphic and interactive design, to advertising, branding, and marketing, all of which are becoming in-demand freelance jobs. Additionally, with the explosive growth of mobile-based internet usage, CNBC points out that those with a degree in computer science will thrive, as application software developers are high in demand as well. When first starting out in the freelance economy your degree will show employers that you have the right knowledge for the job. You will then need to build experience as quickly as possible if you are turn this into a sustainable work from home job. You can do this by creating a presence on online job boards and social media, or by joining a network for referrals. Online selling With less people going out to shop, especially now, it is possible to make a good living from online selling. There are two types of online selling – your own product or used products. Selling an original product is a good way to start a home business, but be aware of the costs that come with this including suppliers and shipping. A more effective way to generate revenue is through selling “pre-loved” or second-hand items, with Reader's Digest suggesting you do so through sites like Oodle, Craiglist, and Kijiji. This can include branded clothes you no longer wear, your collection of designer bags, or furniture you no longer need. You can even hold online auctions for novelty or hard-to-find items, like vintage cars and antiques – which are much more likely to result in profit. Begin investing in stocks The key to boosting revenue from home is to create a passive income stream and one way to do so is through investing in stocks. Granted, it can be intimidating, but trading stocks is something you can learn, provided you give it enough attention. In fact, a Shanghai University of Finance and Economics study concludes that trading success depends highly on the attention investors give. If you are able to set aside enough time you can learn the market, and with as little as a $500 initial investment can start to generate a passive income. Become a virtual assistant Businesses and professionals are increasingly looking for people to remotely accomplish simple tasks, like managing social media accounts, sending emails, and fixing schedules. All you'll need to get started as a virtual assistant is high-speed internet, a laptop and smartphone, a means for payment, and a printer. When you're set, you can find clients through LinkedIn and other job networks such as Freelancer and Indeed, or with the help of virtual assistant agencies like Canadian Virtual Gurus. Just make sure you define the extent of your services, as doing so will help connect you to the right clients. Making money from home is easier today than it has ever been. We hope the above tips have helped you decide which is the best method for you.

Written exclusively for by Laura McKenzie

Laura McKenzie is a freelance software developer who has mastered the art of budgeting after deciding to follow her dreams of travelling the world. When she’s not busy working or catching a flight, she enjoys cozy days at home with her dog, Daisy.


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