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Effective Ways to Read Instead of Spending Time on Phone

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Reduce screen time to read more!

by Niña F. Viloria

How many hours per week do you spend on your mobile phones, if we are being completely honest with ourselves?

We observe that the majority of people waste time by using their phones in their daily lives, at home, and on the road.The majority of what we do on our phones is mindless scrolling through various social media applications, playing games, or simply chatting or texting.When we have free time on weekdays after work or school, we don't even notice how much time we spend on our phones.Before picking up your phone you have promised that you would only use it for ten minutes and then some funny videos show up on Facebook, it's likely that you forgot to put the phone down and neglect the tasks you were supposed to complete.That is the reality that we face right now: We are accustomed to checking our phones to satisfy our minds' cravings before going to bed and waking up.

Nowadays, people of all ages, from children to the elderly, are obsessed with gadgets for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that they enable faster and better communication with people all over the world.When the internet was created, we were completely enslaved by the convenience it provides, such as the speed with which information can be accessed in a matter of minutes.Despite all of their benefits, mobile phones—or any other device—have their drawbacks as well.When it comes to traditional ways to spend our time, it used to be a habit that was good for us, but the sad thing is that it has been replaced by modern forms of entertainment that only give us immediate pleasure and don't help us grow intellectually.

Well, there are times when we might think it was made for comfort, but when we really look at it, we can put ourselves in danger for not controlling it, and it could become an addiction for which we can't even imagine the consequences.A habit of reading is one thing we can do to divert our attention.If we think about the positive impact on our lives, I think it will be easy to just start reading whenever we have free time.

So, here's a simple way to get started so you can read more books instead of using your phone too much.

  • Put a book anywhere in your home.

When you are forced to look at your phone but see a book on your desk or anywhere else, you are more likely to put it down and start reading.

If you don't need it, leave your phone in your room and don't bring it with you often. Instead, bring a small book with you everywhere so you can at least read while you wait.By doing this, you can avoid staring at the screen and wasting time by frequently using your phone.Ensuring that you devote your time to activities that enrich your life.

  • Use a Physical copy of the book

In my most recent article, I mentioned that using our phones to read specifically online books, or ebooks, presents some challenges in reading.Based on my experience, when I was reading, a friend's message or even an advertisement would suddenly appear, igniting my curiosity to open them.Therefore, if you want to avoid being disturbed, holding a book printed on paper can be a good sign to avoid being distracted by the online world.If we are thinking about putting it into practice, there is a chance that we are more aware of it.Furthermore, if we prefer to read online, the best course of action is

to avoid the internet, log out of all social media accounts, disable notifications, and download any ebooks.

  • Be willing to make a change.

When we are unable to even accept a habit in the first place, we will never be able to develop it into a daily habit.There will be numerous adjustments, and self-discipline is required.Reading is one of the best ways to get started, and the benefits of developing this habit last a lifetime and can be used in various aspects of our daily lives.Think about it: reading a book can help a person become a better person .Use the time you save by liking, sharing, and posting irrelevant content online to learn something new or master a skill that is worthwhile.

  • Limit how you use gadgets.

When I can't control how I use my phone, one strategy I use is to delete all apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, as well as any apps that make me use my phone.My best strategy for concentrating while reading is to avoid using any devices or to place my phone in places where I can't hear or see it.Find a quiet spot where you can relax and read without being interrupted.

  • Challenge yourself for one week.

Some of the videos on YouTube are about "Swapping my screen time for reading," which is a challenge for a week. Some of the women tried to do it, and there was honest about what are the usual obstacle to messed up the plan.However, we face a variety of situations in life, and regardless of what we face, we ought to be able to adhere to our plan and have an alternate solution that can fulfill our commitment.

First, if you have an idea for something, figure out how to do it by planning, organizing, and putting it into action.For instance, if you want to read for a week, allocate one hour of your available time on Monday and gradually increase it to three to four hours each day.Some of the tasks that need to be completed will present a challenge; we will need to learn how to prioritize and manage our time effectively.Is it possible for you to set a weekly reading goal for yourself?

  • Make time every day to read.

As long as you make time for reading, it doesn't matter how much time you want to spend reading, it is important that you are inducing yourself a dose of habit that is beneficial to your development.

  • Read a book that you're fascinated with.

The issue sometimes is that the books we have aren't all that interesting for our taste, so when we don't feel like reading, we frequently put things off or use our phones instead.Therefore, fiction, spiritual , biography, and a variety of other genres find something that piques your interest.Make sure that no matter what genre you enjoy, you have to finish it or do it continuously until you reach the end.

  • Get Involved in the Readers' Community.

Participating in a group of people who support one another in a positive way is a practical way to deal with phone use.If you have a community of readers, you can be motivated to continue and have fulfilling interactions with them.

  • Reading books can provide a lot more than just entertainment.

We only have 24 hours in a day, so if we spent an hour reading a book of our choice, we could exercise our brains and improve our mental and physical health. Reading keeps our brains active and makes us more knowledgeable about any topic.Compare this to spending countless hours checking our phones for updates.Therefore, it would be wonderful if we focused solemnly on reading to learn more.

  • Monitor your phone usage.

There are a lot of apps and features in the Google Play Store that can actually keep track of how much time you spend using your phone.Therefore, if you set a time limit of ten minutes, it will actually notify on your phone; otherwise, spending too much time on activities that aren't necessary will result in nothing and would be a waste of time.When it notifies you, pick up a book and read instead of using your phone.

In conclusion, we can't deny that the development of phones and other devices has made our lives easier and has many benefits for which we are truly grateful. On the other hand, some of the necessary habits that we should cultivate are now neglected due to the advancement of everything, including phones. For instance, reading books are rarely built anymore because certain platforms have taken their place.

The choice to begin or not to begin in enhancing your life or to simply remain glued to your phone and do nothing at all is entirely up to you.Because no matter how inspiring this article may be, you are the only person who can force you to change.

Then, congratulations if you are truly committed to making a change and diving into creating a more productive day.


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