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Figments of Imagination: Writing a Story with a Foundation

A story without a foundation is just a plane made of paper. It can fly, but it can not go high and far. This is why writers must aim for a strong foundation for their stories. If the goal is to reach a wider audience and not just to display the book on your shelf at your house, then creating a great story with a solid world-building underneath it must be planned out and executed correctly. Even before doing an outline for a story, the foundation is needed.

Ukiyoto Publishing wants to guide you from the start of your writing journey until the end. At the course of the workshop, not only creating a strong foundation will be taught, but also how each element in a story such as a plot, characters, setting, theme, conflict, and resolution is created and developed in the simplest manner possible. The workshop’s premise is that all writers that attend it will have a lot of lessons and takeaways. It will be made not to complicate your life as a writer, but to make it easy for you. It will show you how the writing world works and how to survive in it.

You might be wondering and thinking about these questions: Why must writers build a strong foundation? Is it really necessary for a story? It is just a story, why bother to make things complicated?. If these are your questions, then we strongly advise you to join this creative writing workshop. It is guaranteed that you can learn everything a writer needs to learn. Writing a masterpiece is not that easy. You can not create a whole world overnight. Some writers require years or even decades to finally have the confidence to show their stories to the world. Writing the words “The End” does not mean the manuscript is finished. It requires rigorous editing or even revisions to the story.

Editors and publishers are very particular about the strength of the plot. Depends on how you write, the strength and sturdiness of the foundation of your story can make or break it.

Here are the things that can help in making your story to the top:

1. Brainstorm

Creating a story foundation is not a walk in the park. You must spare an ample amount of time sitting in front of your laptop or storyboard or wherever place you are most comfortable to think without disturbances from outside forces. Gather all your questions and “what ifs” scenarios and take note of the answers so you can use them later on and you will not forget about them. Do not venture into specific details yet, you might be overwhelmed. Also generating ideas, even broad ones that will be used to add layers and flesh for your story is the first thing to do.

2. Research

Even though the one you are planning to write is fiction, the details should be correct and true to life. If you are not sure about the things that you put into the story, then confirm it on the legit websites or ask people who are in that field of expertise for them to confirm it for you. Because aside from bringing entertainment to readers, you should not be the source of wrong knowledge about the things they did not know. Instead, you should educate them about a lot of things.

Those are just two of the things you can do in starting to create a strong foundation for your story. Creating a strong foundation helps you avoid serious plot holes once you get to the middle or even to the end of your manuscript. Strong groundwork is still better than patching bits and pieces of information just to cover the loopholes found in your story. Rejection often comes to those writers who choose not to put great importance to working hard on building a foundation. We do not want it to happen very often, do we? If you experienced rejection from editors and publishers alike, then we advise you to not feel bad about it. Yes, rejection hurts but you can use it for your growth and development as a writer.

Most of the time, aspiring writers take advantage and forget about creating a strong foundation of their story. They do not even rely on outlining. Some writers are successful in doing just that—writing what comes to their minds at that very moment. That method is very risky, especially if you are still at the beginning of following your passion.

Ukiyoto Publishing ensures that all writers, aspiring or published, must have an equal chance to create a story with a strong foundation. The traditional publishing company also offers that within a month from the end of the workshop, you have the option to submit your manuscript. Ukiyoto Publishing will then evaluate it and if the manuscript bears a high quality, it will then be ready for publication and be shown to a worldwide audience. Once the manuscript is accepted for publishing, Ukiyoto Publishing will do the rest of the job, from editing to creating cover design and making it available for distribution. You need not worry about a single cent being spent for your story to be published in digital, paperback, and hardback formats.

You can also get a chance to win PHP 2500.00 for the Best Writer Award. Check out our website: to know more about this interactive creative writing workshop. This will be headed by Coach Emerald Blake, the founder of Penmasters’ Administration. And this will take place on May 22, 2021.

Let this be your leverage to make it to the Bestseller list on every bookstore.



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