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The World of Publishing

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

The publishing industry has come of age where the the Print on Demand (PoD) technology is used for printing books, manuscripts and journals. The printing is done based on demand and is not printed in advance in bulk quantity. The advantages of this type of printing are as follows,

a. Cost optimisation as only required number of books can be printed which are in demand

b. Reduction of stock piling as there is no excess inventory produced

c. Enabling volume printing to be as low as one (1) copy

d. Production time being very less of few hours

Many publishers are now taking to PoD for the above benefits and hence reduce the cost and inventory load both for themselves as well as the authors. Even authors and writers who go for self publishing are now taking this route which require them a negligible investment to produce their work. Once their books gain popularity, they go for the traditional printing of producing in bulk.

The PoD though an extremely helpful and powerful technology which reduces stock pile up for both authors and publishers have a higher cost per page than that of traditional printing. The same depends on the volume of the print and reduces further with the quantity in demand.


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