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Ten Excellent Ways of Monetising a Blog!

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

We all know how difficult it is to write a quality blog content, check that several times and then publish it online or offline. At times several hours are spent just to write few lines of a focused topic. Not only that you need to master the art of blogging but also have to drive sufficient traffic towards your blogs.

While it is extremely difficult to increase and maintain a constant flow of traffic on your blog, it is equally difficult to leverage that traffic and monetise your content. But consistency and focus still remain the key to a successful blog. A quick read through the following tips may suggest few of parameters that you may look at,

1. Engaging and Focused Blog - Your blog needs to be very engaging with the readers and focused on a particular segment. You cannot keep writing about everything and let the inflowing traffic get confused. Once, you specialise in a particular topic (example, travelogue or cookery), keep writing on the same topic and provide insightful ideas which prove to be worthy value addition

2. Visual Display of Content - It is extremely to keep checking your front end display on both desktop and mobile to make sure whatever you have written is legible and clearly marks out the point you want to make. While too many graphics can spoil your content and distract the readers, too less may also seem to be very dull and boring. Try using flow charts, tabular formats, roadmaps and other visual content to make your blog engaging and easy to understand.

3. Affiliate Marketing - Now that your content is set, you have a niche to write on and have cleared out any clutter or made your interface visually appealing, one of the best ways to monetise it is affiliate marketing where you get a percentage of the sale when a customer buys something and has come from your site.

Write content on a particular product or theme, for example on recent DSLR cameras or latest mobile phone, and then create a link to direct to a portal for purchasing that product. You may check Amazon Affiliate Marketing where you can generate leads to land on Amazon’s page which is tagged to your site. Once, the customer buys that product you get your share. There are many other such affiliate marketing programmes which you can include in your blog page.

4. Adsense - While affiliate marketing gives you a percentage share of the sales, placing google Adsense on your content may give you a pay per click (PPC). Google allows you to design your advertisement size accordingly and provide content with specific filters. Though Adsense is good way to generate continuous revenue from your traffic, placing too many ads may spoil your interface and result in readers moving out from your blog. You need to maintain a balance among the number of google ads, your content and your affiliate marketing ad to have a steady flow of revenue coming in.

5. Advertisements - If your site is generating sufficient traffic and is very focussed, you may start reaching out to your customers and social media audience to place banner advertisements on your site and charge a specific amount for that on a pay per click or a monthly basis. Though the revenue from this medium is constant and much more than affiliate or adsense, you need to have sufficiently high traffic to start reaching out for getting paid advertisements.

6. E- Mail campaigning - One of the most effective ways of making money from you blog is directly by e-mail marketing. You create beautiful newsletters and e-mail campaigns with ConvertKitAweber or InfusionSoft and start building your customer base. By developing a strong bond with your readers, you can not only generate sufficient traffic to come to your blog but also market your own products and affiliate others through e-mail and expect around 1$ per subscriber per month.

7. Course and consulting - Once your blog has created a particular segment of its own and you are getting a steady traffic flowing, you can start offering an online course which maybe a video, audio or samples written by you to narrate your success stories and help others improve their blog content and gain revenue out of them. You can also claim yourself to be a blog or content marketing consultant and charge on a per hour basis.

8. Pop Up Boxes - At times there maybe pop up blockers on your visitors website or they may seem to be too irritating. But having a single one time pop up is fine to grab your visitor’s attention and sell your product directly or use an affiliate marketing link.

9. Host a webinar - You may create a monthly or a fortnightly event by hosting a webinar and speaking about the particular topic that your blog is all about. You may give blinding insights which only the attendees on the webinar may get to know and then give them special credit points to purchase something from your site or maybe even feature them on your social media sites.

10. Donations - The final word is to simply ask for donations for the maintenance and constant update of quality contents. Few readers and followers definitely won’t mind thanking your for your good work and keep you happy.


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