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If you are a fruit
I will give you no name
Cause the real things of life are unnamed
I will plant you beside my bank
Encircled with lilies
And grasped my breath from your every spring.
A CASSEROLE OF KISSES  is a co-authored poetry collection with deep lyrical enchantments and  winepress stanzas that resplendently appeal to both the mind and  soul, It holds pages of  beautiful expressions of  love, emotional mysteries, and its attendant pang. This book is an embodiment of wit, refined aesthetics and  didacticism crafted to entertain, inspire and educate  its readers on matters of love and romance. 
Samuel Onyeche and Shantel Awajionyi Igana. 
?A casserole of kisses; a scintillating blend of sweetness and beauty wrapped into one alluring collection.?
- Edidiong Etukudoh,
Lawyer and Poet
?The poets show profundity in their choice of words and in the arrangements of their carefully chosen words which are capable of mesmerising any reader.?
- Nathaniel Okeke
A Multiple Award Winning Poet & President, Nigerian Young Writers Association

A Casserole of Kisses - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082866
  • Samuel Onyeche and Shantel Awajionye Igana
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