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"""The Journals of the farway lands"" that are in the hands of readers is Trinh Quang Phu�s latest work at his �rare� matured age, but his pen is still strong, and his flow of writing is still powerful. Journal is his forte. His writing is simply natural, yet thoroughly and deeply. We see the glimpse of Paustovsky when the writer describes the beautiful scenery of Moscow in the golden autumn then the birch forest was in its changing season �a bright yellow 3-dimensional space as if to lift up the human soul "", or the scene�. And the beauty of Mount Fuji of the land of cherry blossoms is as if in the painting of Levitan, appearing in front of the reader.�
Director, Editor-in-Chief of Thanh Nien Publishing House)


A Journal of Faraway Lands - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082999
  • Tr�nh Quang Ph�

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