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This anthology talks about various themes revolving around solitude: how it is different from loneliness and how loneliness is not and should not be used as another term for being alone. About peace and how it is and can be associated with solitude, without someone�s company. About why sadness is the most basic human emotion and how it is what makes a human human and how it is valid to sit with it to feel it and not when consumed in the long run. About the truth behind one�s grief and how valid it is for someone to not move on over it because in reality, we move forward with it; we, humans, bring it in the present and even in the future. About the immense pain inflicted in suffering and the hope to cope from it, the desperate urge to escape from it, the ache to be free from it. About Arts, mainly about literature and its unique, incomparable beauty; about how it affects the lives of humans in the simplest and grandest ways possible. Other than that, about its significant role in preserving moments, memories bringing each of them into the world of history. Moreover, of how Art makes one�s solitude worth it than anything else. It is also included, although indirectly, the prowess of artists in other people�s lives and in the world.

A Lone in Lines

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