Welcome to the unfamiliar phase most 20-somethings find elusive. From tossing those graduation caps and framing that hard-earned diplomas, we think life can only get better from that ceremony onwards. But life kicks in and it does not run on grades and thesis defence anymore. It sends you to a court where fouls and strikes don�t stop the clock, rules are not automatically laid down, and players are going where you�ve never gone to before. Good news? You are not alone. Adulting As We (Do Not) Know It is a bridge to help you transition into this tricky phase called adulthood. It offers a kind lift for you to go over the messy waves of heart breaks and statutory deductions. Drawn from the author�s personal experiences, let�s all take a front-row view and be inspired by flipping through the repository of life lessons she has been collecting from her young adult journey. After all, some things, like adulting, get better when shared.

Adulting As We (Do Not) Know It - Paperback

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  • Paperback

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