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Keya and Dhruv love their Moti uncle. Whenever they are with him there is always mystery and excitement. He is neither young nor old, fat nor thin. He dabbles in science, astrology, history and more. Accompany this daring trio as they travel into the past and unravel dark secrets.
In Sailing Away, Dhruv and Keya find themselves in the ocean and are rescued by a passing ship. But it?s not just any old ship. It is a groaning, moaning, rattling heap. Things take on a dangerous twist and then its pirates and the slave trade, ambush and fighting. Never a dull moment.
Moti uncle, Dhruv and Keya are enjoying a quiet, relaxing holiday in the Nilgiris. But on the last day, things turn topsy turvy and chaos reigns. They try to get to the bottom of this but they are not prepared for what they find. For that is Summer?s Story.
Wake up in the middle of the night to eerie music. The light, tinkling sound of a piano being played. Midnight Music keeps the trio awake at night with its ghostly melody. It is up to them to solve the puzzle.
Join Moti uncle, Keya and Dhruv on their adventures and be a part of their exhilarating exploits.

Adventures With Moti Uncle - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083325
  • Nimi Kurian
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