I made up my mind.... This will be my theme for the book project.. I might as well pick the planting-related write-ups that I like since my inspiration to become a full-pledged Plantito was really born out from the fear of the Pandemic. It was the beginning of my learning relationship with plants to grow them as part of our food, not only as a form of sustenance to sustain survival just in case this dilemma worsens, but also as a stress reliever to keep me occupied and prevent myself from going crazy since a lot of my restless lifestyle has either stopped or slowed down throughout these community quarantines that resulted to limited activities and movements. And though the government is already easing the restrictions, my love for planting never really diminished. It will continue as a worthwhile advocacy for me to keep pushing forward towards a �better normal� for everybody.

Ang Pambansang Plantito ng Pilipinas - Paperback

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  • Paperback

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