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Behind the Closed Doors, is a compilation of eight different short stories that portray varied lives. The hidden puzzles are finally revealed and the author needs the reader to indulge with emotions and be a phoenix. 
Divya hopes that these quiet echoes will reach you from the unseen walls and reach your heart and mind before they disappear. The echoes are getting louder and louder, hoping that you will hear and they are searching for you, with a lot of stories to share. Lend an ear and listen to them. Maybe you will find them near you. The story of those blossomed beauties, that bloomed. 
The stories are not just analysis or interpretation of reel situations, but they portray the real-life experiences that many have faced with respect to their existence in their society, family and their religion. Through these stories, the author intends to help the women, by motivating them to rise high from the odds.
The story aims at making every reader who read the story, think for a moment about how they could bring a change. It depicts the contemporary real-life stories and insights from a wide spectrum of people whom the author has met, with fabricated names and places but instances remain real.
These stories are about those women who found the strength to reveal their hidden inner thoughts of the darkest days of their life, to break open the chain of pain, to pursue the passions and hopes they carried in their life.

Behind Closed Doors - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083924
  • Divya Hariharan
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