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Between Bits & Pieces is a collection of pieces I wrote during my time as a student at Hansraj College, Delhi University. Time became a blurry concept in Delhi. Some nights felt like everything slowed down, while I was stuck in the middle of nowhere. While other nights, time raced like tiny raindrops down my window pane. Divided into nine parts, these twenty-nine pieces explore the ocean of emotions within me. It was between these words that I finally felt at home amidst the chaos of Delhi, discovering bits and pieces of myself. While writing these poems in a desperate attempt to understand life as it is, I never pictured myself compiling raw emotions into a book. Every piece within this anthology is a subtle reminder of how much I?ve grown with every passing day. 
I have always wondered whether time has come to a standstill or are we frozen as time speeds away and one day it?ll all just hit like one big wave. This book has been that one big wave, that hit me like a sweet, yet salty storm.

Between Bits & Pieces - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083588
  • Smruthi Krishnan
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