Since young, the author, Pearly has been grappling with a hypersensitive skin. Her skin was so sensitive that red patches which seemed like mosquito bites, kept forming all over on her legs, hands and occasionally on the body. These itchy red patches would suddenly appear out of nowhere with unknown reasons. They will then multiply and spread across her hands and legs causing them to flare up with redness and itch probably due to intense scratching. Despite her condition, she continues to stay happy, positive and inspire her readers to be passionate about living their life, through her blog. She had since worked with many reputable brands and public relations companies. Through her blogging, she had been made Beauty Ambassadors of various brands. Read on to find out more about her journey, through her book, �Blogging with Eczema�.

Blogging with Eczema - Paperback

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  • Paperback

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