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Two friends, from India and Pakistan, belonging to diverse cultural and financial background had a chance encounter as students in a reputed university in Dubai. Initially at odds with each other due to their contrasting personalities, they gradually warm up and establish a strong camaraderie. Despite their lifestyle; national and socio-economic background, they maintained a strong friendship over the years.


However, the recent turn of events before the marriage opened a can of worms in their ideological differences that stemmed from a past incident that had almost brought friction to their friendship, thus jeopardising it. History was repeating itself and in both cases, the preference to please others superseded the desire to sustain an old friendship.

Are number of years of togetherness only considered as a yardstick for measuring the closeness of friendship? Do people really know their friends whom they have known for years? Are we taking those friends for granted who have stood for us without any questions? These are the questions they failed to answer.


This two volume series, while exploring bonding between two friends, gives a glimpse to the readers about the contemporary conflicts they face during their long relationship and tests their strength in the face of adverse moments and opposing groups.

Borderless Friendship The Beginning - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15084012
  • Paperback
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