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"“Kabishev Alexander Konstantinovich (K.A.K.) is a poet and
writer, an artist of a new direction in literature and art - choism.
Volunteer journalist of the magazine “”POET””, active participant
and director of the magazine at the foundation “”LIFE LINE
OF EVERY CHILD””, founder and head of the international
creative and cultural project “”DEMO GOG””, editor-in-chief
of the magazine “”HUMANITY””, author of the collection of
short stories “”NIGHTMARE””, collection of poems “”DANCE
OF POETRY””, the novel “”RED CORAL””. Curator and
organizer of collections of modern prose and poetry “”SILICON
AGE”” (2 volumes), the collection “”WHISPER IN THE
WIND””, the first Russian-Vietnamese collection “”DAWN””,
the first Russian-Serbian collection “”FRIENDSHIP””. Director
of a documentary about the charity “”ECLF””. Founder and mentor of the world record project –
HYPERPOEM. President of the Youth Writers’ Union. Member of the Writers’ Union of North
America. Winner of the 3rd degree of the international literary award “”Not a day without a line””. Coauthor
of many collections and publications in magazines and online media. A number of his author’s
works have been translated and published in Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Vietnamese, French, English,
Hindi, Portuguese, Serbian, Greek, Tagalog and other languages (Russia, the city of St. Petersburg).
Tamikio L. Dooley is a multi award-winning author and poet. She
writes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, short stories, articles, journals, and
essays. The author received certificates and awards for her poetry,
short stories, articles, and essays published in Ukiyoto Publishing
anthologies, Bard’s Day Key Anthology, Multinational Pen Soldiers
Anthology, and other anthologies. She is the nominee and winner
of the World Literary Award, International Poetry Stage Bangladesh
Award, “Zheng Nian Cup” National Literature (second place prize)
award, and won her first crystal trophy award. She is a member
of International Culture Day and Culture for Peace Worldwide
Organization, The Dream Equality Organization, and International
Affairs Secretary of World Wide Writer’s Association.”"

Choism Collection of Articles

  • Alexander Kabishev and Tamikio L. Dooley
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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