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Graciela Hope Villanovo is the eldest daughter of Gizel and David Villanovo. She came from a low income family that?s why she didn?t make it to college. However, Graciela is a smart and talented woman. When her father died she started to work from different jobs. She doubled her efforts to get an extra income to provide for their daily needs specially that her mother has a heart condition.
Wearing her usual vintage jeans and simple shirt paired with her old sneakers, Graciela will rise up early to start and spend the rest of the day in the street. She?ll go to the wet market to carry basins of fish, be a hospital janitress, ?jeep barter? or passenger?s caller. But the worst job she took is being a thief. Because she needs money to support her family and her salary is not enough she ended up doing this kind of job. Although it?s contrary to what she wants to do, there?s no other fast way to obviate the pauperism that they?re experiencing.
On her journey in the street she accidentally met these siblings who were kidnapped and tied in the dirty place near her way on home. And Graciela became one of the reason why the Alejandro siblings are saved. That?s why from that day on they become closed to each other to the point that the two introduced her as their fake cousin for them to help Graciela to have an easy access since they?re an elite. But then there?s a man named Gideon who?ll turn her world up side down. And there?s also the man named Jonas Alejandro who?ll try to fix it. The question is who will give her the most exciting journey throughout her dreams and lies. Will she be able to choose the right man or be deceived by the destiny..

Deceiving Looks - Dust Jacket

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  • RaedPen (Charisse Ferran)