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“Miraya Ganguli” 

Class-A type Detective| Gender- Female| Age-32| Accused of Narcotics dealing and Abuse of Law. 


[A woman with an exquisite personality and known for her audacious skillset at the precinct, is the newly appointed detective at the Baltimore Police Department, commonly known as Detective Miraya Ganguli. When she and her stalwart friend, Noah Gagnon, who also happens to be a brilliant officer at Baltimore PD, start witnessing a sudden surge in drug related cases in the city. They also notice a peculiar pattern in the experiences which the victims describe in their bad trips after ingesting the substances. This stark resemblance, as it would turn out, is not a mere coincidence.    

The effect of the drug is also felt by Miraya, who starts hallucinating on her own. She thinks it’s her work from the office, which is ultimately taking a toll on her mind, but to realize it later that she is indeed, mysteriously though, somehow getting drugged routinely. Will Miraya be able to solve the mystery behind the bizarre apparition which made her life drift away from reality by entwining it with imagination in one single thread?...]

Dimitri: The Quadrant Series III

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    No. of Pages: 66

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