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Some say that love is a razor that will leave blood on your soul.
Some say that love is a hunger for endless need.
Some say that love is like chaff blown by the wind in a field.
Some say that love is endless sorrow under the sun.
But I covered my ears with them. Because in cowardice I see what they say.
It is fearful heart that does not resist so fails.
This is the dream of waking up that would rather turn a blind eye than face the pain.
Afraid to die to live.
When the night is too sad and the road is too long and you think that love is only for the brave and strong, it just proves that in love you are not faithful.
Love can be compared to the crocodile?s adventure, You can?t catch him with a fishing rod.
You can?t stick his tongue out with a bandage, nor can you put a bandage on his nose.
Neither can you cut his skin with an iron dagger, nor can you play with him like a bird.
And even if the adventure turns out to be in vain, if Love is your reason I think there is no time to be wasted.
And you will always remember, In winter under the bitter snow lies the seed with enthusiasm waiting for the spring sun
And many waters are incapable of quenching the flaming love, nor can the floods stop it.

Eros - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083852
  • Jessa Mortifero
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