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The year is 2132, Earth is nothing but a distant memory, and the next destination for humanity is out there ready to be explored. Command One’s exploration program is yet to be successful after sending dozens of men and women to countless planets. The duo of young hotshot Theo Bentega and veteran Benjamin Smith find themselves on one of these missions to planet Eden in the Euphoria system. What looks like paradise at first, is soon discovered to be something much worse. Even with the highest grade technology, the adventures that lay ahead of the men are nothing that they have experienced. From the perspective of Theo, the thoughts, memories, and flashbacks build the world around him and pave his actions onward. Connections are established, mysteries are to be uncovered, and threats are suspiciously around them, the duo sticks to the mission, but sooner rather than later the question is asked, at what cost?


SKU: 9789356454262
  • Patrick Smietanka
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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