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Ash has a basketball playing, popular jock boyfriend who can be sweet as honey. Yet, sometimes she feels she can glimpse a darkness lurking right underneath the surface, waiting to take over. As long as he makes up for the general toxicity with sweeping romantic gestures, her mental health should be fine, right? 

Zara is an introvert who comes across a girl called Cookie on Punstagram. She is hesitant to grow attached. Yet, she feels seen and completely understood for the first time in her life when she is with her. Will she risk being vulnerable again?


As their worlds collide, everything is thrown into a tornado of confusion. When it comes down to it, are they really that different from each other? Or do they have something enormous in common? 

Also, how many forms can love take and how far can it run before running out?

From A to Z

SKU: JN13007
$12.00 Regular Price
$11.40Sale Price
  • Paperback

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