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A Moment in Time Part 5 of Descending in Eternal Desire Sequence - Tales of Multiverse in Desire of Darkness Tsuky Miki didn?t know how or when she started the idea, but she had a plan, but that plan didn?t involve marrying Catwoman, none of them knew when it started, they didn?t know who, but what they did know was one
or all of them. at the same time. in a moment in time everything changes Tsuky Miki, in which he is part of the grand plans of the multiverse. In the midst of investigations, involved in mysteries and conspiracies, while planning in the midst of the great wheels of human gods and demons. His former allies do not know where he has gone, he himself has been seduced by the darkness of desire. Those who were once human among the great leaders and beings of the multiverse, do not know who they plan among the great conquerors and masters. His allies of plans and conspiracies amidst the great events of the multiverse, at that hour in an instant of time, when everything had changed.

Goddess in Crimson Moon in Divinity of Ruins - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083473
  • SasinaZariell Hashashin
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