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ACP Hamza Tsakuwa has shut the door to anything that has to do with religion due to some painful experience. Hamza now considers himself an atheist and a philosopher who believes there is no God beyond himself. Hamza’s perception was that whoever possesses the power to act and the will to decide his fate, is God, and so was he. Hamza runs into Neha, the first black pureblood gypsy he has ever seen. Neha turned out to be a psychologist with the gift of transcendence and sight. Neha decides to help Hamza who seems to be having psychological issues due to a troubled past by transcending his sub consciousness into the bodies of four powerful historical figures who she calls ‘Hamza’s Jury.’ Neha made sure Hamza felt the dreadful experience each character went through and still managed to believe in something beyond themselves. For Hamza to complete his rehab, he must reopen his heart to faith by conquering his personal demons but will his JURY deliver a positive VERDICT???

Hamza's Jury

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