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"I hate it. I hate that I fell in love with my cousin"
What would you do in case you fall in love with your cousin? Would you stop your heart from loving him or will follow and listen to it even if you know that it's wrong to hold on? 
Britney Dean is a consistent top-of-the-class in their high school university while Nate Maddox is a well-known bad boy. Britney's dad is the younger brother of Nate's mom which means that they are cousins in blood. Pretending to be a stranger is hard especially when it is with your cousin.
They used to pretend that they are strangers in school but once when Nate's parents needed to move to Paris for business stuff, where Britney's family was resigning, they had to spend 10 weekends together which crossed their lines. They both thought that it would be easy for them to get rid of each other but falling in love stood as another big challenge for the both of them.

HIP #1: The Ten Weekends

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