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The horizon is basically defined as the junction between the heaven and the earth. A border that separates the celestial from the earthly. The line between the sky and the ground. The horizon shows us the different contrasts of life. The high and the low. The divine and the mortal. It shows the totality of life, which is not purely of spirit and of flesh but rather of both. Every short story written in this anthology expresses their own unique identity and flavor, showing the different tapestry of life. Just as how the horizons emphasize the contrasts of nature, this short story anthology tries to demonstrate the diversity not only of genre or setting, but of themes and aspects of human life.

The contrasts of the personal and the political, of romance and friendship, of the sacred and the secular. Life is like a collection of short stories. Each page turns into a different dimension and a different setting. No two short stories, just like the real life they represent, are alike.


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